Teambuilding – Interactive people

LIVE Musikk Quiz

In the LIVE Music Quiz, all the music is performed LIVE by our talented musicians, perfectly timed with the tasks on the tablet! After an introductory round with a fun quiz about the songs being played, we challenge the participants to join in the singing to win points! What it takes to earn a point is not defined, but it’s all about contributing to a great atmosphere! We divide you into teams of 4-8 people, and the quiz is played in two rounds. All teams get to choose a creative team name, and they can also take a team photo displayed on the big screen during the game break. The songs in this concept are well-known and beloved tunes we all grew up with and relate to. These songs often inspire enthusiastic sing-alongs, ensuring a lively atmosphere throughout the quiz. After a round of regular quiz tasks adapted to the music performed, we move on to a new part where the task is to join in the songs and compete with the other teams by offering yourselves and adding high entertainment value! The teams that manage to charm our quiz host will earn points! The LIVE Music Quiz can be held anywhere, and it’s perfect as a pre-dinner event or even during dinner itself. PRACTICAL INFORMATION ✓ Creates a high-energy atmosphere ✓ Everyone participates and contributes ✓ Live music enhances the event
  • Indoor
  • Game duration: 2 x 30 minutes
  • Minimum participants: 30
  • Maximum participants: Unlimited
  • Price: 450 NOK excl. VAT per person (min 20,000 NOK excl. VAT) + artist/tech

The Mingle Game

Looking for a way to make mingling at your event easier and more entertaining? Do you want participants to talk to people they haven’t met before? Many avoid small talk and prefer to stick to colleagues rather than reaching out to strangers. What if mingling was a fun experience that both engages and makes groups more talkative? The Mingle Game allows people to communicate with each other in a fun way. Groups of four compete in a series of short, entertaining activities while competing against other teams. The goal is to collect points and win – all through teamwork where you meet new people. Each team is given a tablet with the game. This keeps track of scores and uploads photos live.  
✓ Makes mingling fun ✓ Perfect for large groups ✓ Can be held anywhere
  • Indoor
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes
  • Minimum number: 100 people
  • Maximum number: Unlimited
  • Price: Upon request
The Lockdown The Lockdown is an immersive and entertaining escape game. You have 60 minutes to solve challenging tasks to achieve the goal. The Lockdown is played in groups of 3-6 participants using a tablet and various tools. Teams are bombarded with difficult assignments of various types. As the game progresses, more levels with increasing difficulty are unlocked. The game is designed to promote collaboration and draw on the individual strengths of team members. The best teams are those who understand the strength of good teamwork, plan well, and distribute tasks efficiently. Storyline: A group of hackers has broken into your server and locked down all company files. They threaten to delete everything in 60 minutes. The hackers are not motivated by money; their agenda is philosophical. If you and your team demonstrate skill, wisdom, and solve the challenge, you will save the company’s files. ✓ Challenging, fun, and engaging ✓ Promotes teamwork ✓ Everyone participates ✓ Can be customized and played anywhere
  • Duration: 60 minutter
  • Indoor
  • Minimum number: 10 people
  • Maximum number: Unlimited
  • Price: 590 NOK excl. VAT per person, min 12,000 NOK excl. VAT

The Challenge

An engaging and creative points hunt where you get close to each other, and good teamwork is crucial for success! The tasks in the game are very varied, and everyone on the team must contribute to succeed! You are divided into teams and equipped with a tablet which becomes the team’s tool. When the activity starts, it’s time to create a strategy. You can choose what you think is fun and what you believe you are good at. Since the tasks are varied, everyone on the team has the opportunity to contribute. The team that usually wins understands the strength of good teamwork, is creative, and has the greatest desire to win!
  • Participants: Unlimited
  • Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Played: Indoors
  • Price: 590 NOK excl. VAT per person
  • Min. price: 15,000 NOK excl. VAT
  • For larger groups, there will be a volume discount

Icebreaker Game

Elevate your meeting, lunch, or dinner to a new level. Engage everyone, create great conversation topics, and compete against colleagues. The Icebreaker Game is an entertaining quiz often conducted in connection with meetings, or as an entertaining activity during lunch or dinner. Each group gets a tablet and competes to answer as many questions correctly as possible. The questions are designed to create discussion and laughter. Participants’ decision-making skills are tested with fun questions of varying difficulty. The activity is divided into 2 rounds, making it perfect with one round before the starter and the second round before the main course. For an additional fee, we can customize the game with specific questions. Our staff is on-site for up to 2 hours. Additional costs apply if the project manager needs to stay longer. WHY ✓ Kickstarts the atmosphere ✓ Very fun, creates laughter ✓ Simple, everyone can stay at the table  
  • Indoor, mingling, lunch, dinner
  • Time: 2×15 minutes
  • Minimum number: 10 people
  • Maximum number: Unlimited
  • Price: 350 NOK excl. VAT per person
  • Min: 10,000 NOK excl. VAT

Musikk Quiz

The Music Quiz lets your colleagues enjoy good music and solve fun and simple tasks during dinner or cocktails. The game is designed to entertain, create a good atmosphere, and start fun discussions. It is simply the perfect icebreaker! We divide into teams of 3-5 people and play on tablets over 2 rounds. The music takes us on a journey from the 1970s to today, featuring artists like David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, and Avicii. In other words, it’s a game for all tastes, where all participants can contribute. The Music Quiz stimulates both musical memories and the ability to reason. Good teamwork is the key to success. The game is very flexible and can be held almost anywhere, including during dinner at a larger event. HVORFOR? ✓ Fun ✓ Everyone participates and contributes ✓ Can be held during dinner or cocktails PRAKTISKE OPPLYSNINGER
  • Indoor
  • Game duration: 2 x 13 minutes
  • Minimum number of participants: 9
  • Maximum number of participants: Unlimited
  • Price: 350 NOK excl. VAT (min 10,000 NOK excl. VAT)