The new floating dock

We are proud to have opened our brand new floating dock. This modern dock provides easy access to the water, perfect for boating enthusiasts or those looking to enjoy a relaxing day by the sea. The dock is ideal for both swimming and transportation, and offers a great vantage point for watching the sunset "from the water."

Terrace with a stunning view

Our terrace is a favorite spot on warm summer days. Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal from the restaurant while overlooking the water. With service directly on the terrace, you can sit back and soak in the atmosphere in relaxing surroundings.

The Beach

Our beach has white, soft sand that makes the water appear almost completely blue. This is a calm and peaceful beach, perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Located in a cove, it provides a sheltered experience with little boat traffic, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day by the water.

The Grill Hut

The grill hut is a great place for both small and large groups. Here, you can reserve time to grill and enjoy meals with a view of the sea. It is the perfect spot for family gatherings or team-building with colleagues. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy this area regardless of the weather.