The birdlife on Herdla is incredibly rich. During the migration periods in spring and autumn, you can see large flocks of waders searching for food in the tidal zone. In winter, flocks of diving ducks dominate as they forage on the Herdleflaket. In summer, the birdlife on the island is characterized by lapwings, larks, and other species associated with the open cultural landscape.

In 1985, the 1.3 km² nature reserve on Herdla was established. This is surrounded by a 3.1 km² bird protection area. During the breeding season (April 15 to September 30), access along the beach in Prestvika is prohibited. However, it is important to minimize disturbance to the birdlife throughout the year. The newly opened birdwatching tower in Prestvika has made this easier. From here, you have a great view of the beach and the bird ponds within the beach ridge.