BIOLOGEN offers CORPORATE YOGA – in collaboration with Signe Schineller

Signe Schineller discovered yoga in 2008. She studied yoga in India in 2016 and has since taught yoga, both active and calm. She lives on Askøy, and now offers yoga for hotel guests. Yoga is adapted to the individual group and its wishes. Signe offers yoga to:

  • loosen up the office body
  • calm down body and head
  • reduce stress
  • increase circulation
  • attain awareness of the body to perform better
  • remove tension in the body
  • find your breath and use your breath better

Signe offers morning/ lunch/ afternoon/ evening yoga classes. Another option is to have a dynamic morning class to wake up, and a class in the afternoon to slow down and destress from the workday.

The classes are for everyone regardless of physical fitness, shape, gender, or age. The classes conclude with a soothing breathing exercise and relaxation.

Price: class 1 / class 2 same day.

1- 10 persons.
60 minutes:  2200 NOK         2000 NOK

90 minutes    2500 NOK         2300 NOK

11-20 persons.
60 minutes:   2400 NOK         2200 NOK

90 minutes:   2700 NOK         2500 NOK

21-30 persons.
60 minutes:    2600 NOK        2300 NOK

90 minutes:    3000 NOK        2700 NOK

2 classes on the same day must be taken within a certain time period, by previous agreement.

‘Yoga makes you focused, creative and give more energy. It will help with sick leave and regular office ailments.’