Øygarden adventures

RIB is a fast, safe, and very stable vessel, offering great opportunities for rapid and efficient transport. While RIB can be an activity for the daring, most people use RIB in a completely different way. At speeds of 35 to 50 knots, 50 cm above the sea, we give you the “kick” you seek, but we always focus on enjoyment and safety. We operate a 29-foot Raven RIB with 2×350 HP Mercury engines, reaching a top speed of 68 knots.

This is a wild, beautiful, adrenaline-filled experience you’ll remember for a long time. On our RIB tours, we provide Helly Hansen suits, goggles, safety equipment, and Gecko headgear helmets. It is important to wear good footwear and gloves.

A combination of high speed, beautiful nature, rough seas, and abundant bird life are some of the things you’ll experience from our RIB. The group will enjoy a thrilling ride between islets and skerries towards the open sea via Turøy and the Turøy channel from our base in Vik, Øygarden. A safety briefing is conducted before departure.

Sea safaris are leisurely RIB tours conducted in sheltered and calm sea areas. We navigate through the Turøy channel, enriched with sandy bottoms, wildlife, boathouse environments, and great opportunities to spot sea eagles. At certain times of the year, you may also encounter porpoises on the tour.