The island of Herdla is truly special. This small moraine island was created by glaciers and meltwater around 12,500 years ago. With its long beaches and wide open spaces, Herdla is quite different from the rest of the coastline outside Bergen. It is also home to the largest farm in the former Hordaland county and the most important bird area in the region. Herdla is only 1.6 km², so you can safely park your car and explore the entire island on foot. Herdla has always been an important meeting place. There was a royal estate, a noble seat, and a church here as early as the 12th century. Until 1963, Herdla was the center of the municipality with the same name.

A hill fort from the Migration Period is the oldest defense structure on the island. The newest is a torpedo battery that was operational until 2000. However, the most numerous traces are from World War II when the island was an important German base with both a fighter airfield and a coastal fort.

There are several great hiking options on Herdla. Here are some of them:

  • Visit the bird tower at Valen: From the tower, you can see lapwings, ducks, gulls, and maybe an eagle. Herdla is a sanctuary for birds, so you must be quiet and watch where you walk. Follow the signs that indicate where you are allowed to go.
  • Meet a goat: At Herdla Fort, there is a whole flock of goats. They are happy to be petted if you want to, but do not feed them.
  • Go crab hunting: Herdla has many beautiful beaches where you can look for crabs and shells.
  • Fly a kite: Herdla is often windy and has plenty of space, both of which are necessary for kite flying. Use the open area inside Herdla Fort, so you don’t disturb the birds or the cows.
  • Go on a paddling trip to Skarvøy: Skarvøy is an exciting island with tunnels, ruins, and bunkers. At the museum, you can borrow a canoe, paddles, and a life jacket. If you plan to take this trip, the weather must be good, you must be able to swim, and adults must accompany you.
  • Hiking and biking: If you just want to go for a walk, there are many options. You can walk or bike along the main road, follow the jogging trail, or explore one of the forest trails.