Herdla Fort

The former Herdla Fort is now an outdoor recreation area with walkways and beautiful viewpoints. There are several picnic areas with tables and benches along the paths and trails. The area also features a disc golf course, a via ferrata route with multiple ziplines, and excellent fishing spots on the north side. The area has ample parking (44 spaces) with wheelchair-accessible restrooms. The walkway around the fort is paved and easily accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

From the fort, there is a view of Herdlevalen. The nature reserve at Herdlevalen and the surrounding beaches are the richest bird areas in Vestland. Two observation huts have been set up in Prestvika and Urdneset to allow visitors to experience the birdlife. From April 15 to September 30, access is restricted in a limited area from Prestvika to Urdneset. The County Governor’s environmental protection department manages the nature reserve. Herdla Museum is also worth a visit. Herdla and Herdla Pier are excellent starting points for paddling trips. Many windsurfers and kiters use the pebble beach on the west side of the island for kiting and sailing in Hjeltefjorden. A digital map of the recreational area and the trails has been developed for use on mobile phones or tablets.